Shaun Stamp

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Shaun Stamp work is one of disclosure that is primarily concerned with the analytical Self, the psychology of dysfunctional family within a silent drama and the scale of existential anxiety. Communicating these themes and fragments often play-out to create layers of content swaying ideas and theories associated around the themes of childhood, dreams, memories/experiences past and present; Unravelling what it is to be human, Stamp thoughts and feelings within the content of the familiar and unfamiliar, sees the immediacy of his work as one of tell-tale, expression and confessionalism.

Shaun Stamp considers himself a product of post-colonialism, born in (1985) Wales, into a working class family, Stamps mother (of Portuguese, German, Benin and Arawak descendants) was a single parent who brought Stamp and his siblings up in a strict Jehovahs Witness setting. Meeting his tattooed motor-biker Roma father at the age of 13 was a final link to the starting point in his pursuit to uncovering and questioning identity to reveal the effects and expression of aftermath.

Shaun Stamp’s art is one of questioning and looking at the world around him, while also disclosing his life events to influence his medium, he produces works to portray a visual diary while questioning the human condition. Stamp crystallises layers of experience into objects that can be seen as mixed media to reveal hopes, humiliations, failures and successes; creating work that is often tragic, spiritual and humorous. The works of Stamp are what he considers a disjointed time-line of revisited memories and digs to uncover the suppressed; becoming a conversation between his Self and the Viewer that leaves the rest to unfold.