Shaun Stamp

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Born in 1985, Shaun Stamp is a multimedia artist whose work explores the many ways our current times of post-modernist society manifests psychologically within the individual, such as Mores, Taboos inhabited in wider society. The artist’s work draws from his mixed family history; his working class mother was of Portuguese, German, Benin and Arawak descent, and his working-class Roma Gypsy Father. This unusual upbringing, in Wales, lead the artist to consider ideas of personal identities, histories and philosophies that often looks at threads of post-colonialism and migration to better understand the self, and to celebrate mankind’s uncertainties, fears, joys and failures.?

During his late childhood,?the instability of Stamp’s family moved house regularly in the UK. Not finishing Secondary School he was taken abroad by a family friend at the age of 16 to Monaco and St Tropez. While there he was shown a different world. He returned to study Visual Arts in Somerset and Cardiff, and shortly after left to explore life overseas, moving to South Korea, Netherlands and France and taking up Artist Residencies internationally. Stamp has exhibited in the Far East and Europe with solo exhibitions in the UK. in 2018, stamp co-curated with Chiara Williams group-show At The Violet Hour; at the Nayland Rock Hotel, Margate. 

Stamp produces works to portray a visual diary, questioning the human condition through experience. The objects that Stamp creates he considers a disjointed time-line, digging to uncover a conversation between his Self and the Viewer that leaves the rest to unfold.